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A Mayflower descendant, Harvard graduate, and member of a prominent Massachusetts family, Edward Winslow supported the British in the American Revolutionary War. When the war ended in 1783, he and his family were among the more than 35,000 Loyalists who left the United States to settle in Nova Scotia. Winslow dreamed of creating a colony where the Loyalists would have influence and his dream was fulfilled with the creation of New Brunswick in 1784. A prolific and gifted letter-writer, Winslow offers an intimate account of the Loyalist experience of re-establishing family and community life in colonial New Brunswick.

The Winslows

As one of the most prominent families in the British colony of Massachusetts, the Winslow family story is well documented.

Historical Context

Edward Winslow participated directly in some of the most dramatic developments of the eighteenth century.

The Letters

The Winslow Family Papers have been imaged and Edward Winslow's letters written between 1783 and 1785 have been transcribed and can be searched here.

Learning Resources

As models of penmanship, Edward Winslow's letters document the role that correspondence played in the eighteenth century communication and network building.