Secondary (6-12) Learning Resources

Download the complete package of learning materials for secondary-level teachers and students:

Secondary-level Learning Resources Package [ PDF, 1.1 MB ]

The package contains the following materials:

  1. Petition Guide
    Provides background on petitions and describes their role in the development of the board game, Contested Terrain: Petition Edition [ PDF download, 60 KB ]
  2. Game Board
    Game board for Contested Terrain: Petition Edition, optimized for black-and-white printing and quick download [ PDF download, 729 KB ]
    A high-resolution colour version is available for separate download. [ PDF download, 1.5 MB ]
  3. Playing Instructions
    Explains the rules of the board game, Contested Terrain: Petition Edition [ PDF download, 54 KB ]
  4. Settlement Sheet
    Worksheet needed to play the board game [ PDF download, 74 KB ]
  5. Lesson Plan
    Assessment activity for the board game [ PDF download, 55 KB ]
  6. Petition Spelling: Worksheet
    Spelling worksheet [ PDF download, 43 KB ]
  7. Petition Spelling: Teacher's Guide
    Spelling worksheet guide and answer key [ PDF download, 57 KB ]
  8. Petition Writing Instructions
    Rules for petition writing, published in The Royal Gazette, 11 March 1817, Fredericton, New Brunswick. [ PDF download, 147 KB ]
  9. Evaluation Form
    Learning resources survey for printing and mailing [ PDF download, 56 KB ]
    Online version of survey
  10. Petitions
    List of petitions referenced in the Petition Guide and Lesson Plan, with relevant portions excerpted:


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