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UNB Libraries Project Preservation

For nearly two decades, UNB Libraries has partnered with researchers at UNB and beyond to develop innovative projects in digital scholarship. Although not intended as a permanent archive, this space provides access to selected projects that were developed at UNB Libraries but are no longer being actively updated or maintained.

Each project has been captured as a dated 'snapshot', after which no further changes have been made. While every effort has been made to preserve access to content, not all functionality is preserved: external links, forms, and search may not work as expected.

Questions or comments on individual projects can be addressed to the project contact. For more information about project preservation, please contact James MacKenzie (Director of Scholarly Technologies).

Current Projects Within Preservation

This is an UNB Libraries archived snapshot of a historical website. As such, external links, forms, and search boxes may not function within this collection.
Web archive date: Sep. 23, 2022
The ArtCan research project and portal concluded its work in March of 2017, and remained live until September 2022. ArtCan’s goal was to facilitate the exchange of research expertise, knowledge creation, training, and practice in the visual arts in Canada. Projects undertaken by ArtCan’s partners and collaborators were designed for specialist and non-specialist audiences, whether local, regional, or transnational. features digital galleries of works from UNB’s Art Centre and the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, as well as links to research and other resources for the study of Canadian art and its history.
Project Contact: Erin Morton

Atlantic Canada Portal
Web archive date: Dec. 5, 2014
The Atlantic Canada Portal was in active development from 2002-2010 as a collaborative effort between the University of New Brunswick's Electronic Text Centre (now the Centre for Digital Scholarship) and Dr. Marg Conrad (Canada Research Chair in Atlantic Canada Studies) to promote the study of Canada's Atlantic provinces. Content includes an extensive bibliography and six virtual archives of primary source material.
Atlantic Canada Virtual Archives (ACVA) sites include:
Project Contact: James MacKenzie

Benjamin Marston Diary
Web archive date: Nov. 27, 2023
The Benjamin Marston Diary Project was designed in the late 1990's as a prototype in the creation of the University of New Brunswick Electronic Text Centre (ETC). A major goal of the project was learning Standard Generalized Markup Language, or SGML, in electronic publishing. The Marston Diaries were chosen as a pilot project for various reasons. The diaries were of significant local and regional historical interest, with Marston's experiences being in many ways those of the archetypal Loyalist who came to this region. Benjamin Marston's diary spans three volumes and is located within the Winslow Papers at UNB Archives and Special Collections, volumes 20, 21 and 22. The diary begins in 1776, volume 22, for 36 pages. It then continues in volume 20 (1778-1780).
Project Contact: Centre for Digital Scholarship

Conferences/Workshops hosted by UNB Libraries
Web archive date: various
Over the years, UNB Libraries has hosted and co-hosted a number of significant conferences. This archive attempts to capture conferences since 2004 which had a web presence.
Project Contact: Jeff Carter

The Loyalist Research Network
Web archive date: Nov. 28, 2023
The Loyalist Research Network was an inventory resources for American Loyalist studies, maintained 2008 - 2016. Resources included links to sources, recent publications, and information about active researchers in the field.
Project Contact: Bonnie Huskins

New Brunswick Commissions of Enquiry: the Early Years, 1784-1948
Web archive date: Nov. 28, 2023
This collection [assembled in the late 1990's] brings together the images of 57 commission reports conducted between 1784 and 1950. Because no single institution in New Brunswick has a complete set of all the reports of these commissions, these were copied from the holdings of the collections of the Legislative Library, the University of New Brunswick Libraries, and the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick. These three institutions have additional information in both original and published for among their rich holdings on in the history of the province.
Project Contact: Centre for Digital Scholarship

New Brunswick School Book Collection
Web archive date: Jul. 1, 2024
The New Brunswick School Book database, originally created in 2004, is no longer fully accessible but can still be browsed by curriculum subject. The subjects include both English and French listings. Since subject terminology and content change over time, decisions on assigning subject areas were necessarily arbitrary, but every effort was made to define the subject area and to ensure consistency. Researchers should carefully check the definitions of curriculum subjects and check related subjects with areas of overlap. Much of the physical collection is now searchable through UNB WorldCat.
Project Contact: Centre for Digital Scholarship

PANB New Brunswick Newspaper Directory
Web archive date: Oct. 4, 2023
Developed and hosted by the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, the New Brunswick Newspaper Directory website was built from information in the New Brunswick Newpaper Directory 1783-1996, revised and updated second edition published in 1996. Data from this original website, last updated in 2006, has been fully migrated into the New Brunswick Historical Newspapers Project which includes updated holdings, many newly discovered titles and where possible fulltext searching and digital title access.
Project Contact: Leah Grandy

QWERTY Archives: 1996-2014
Web archive date: Dec. 6, 2017
QWERTY is a national literary journal, developed and operated entirely by graduate students of UNB's English Department. Although primarily a print publication in its first 20 years, QWERTY published online selected content (including original poetry, fiction, art, interviews and reviews), as well as cover art and tables of contents, through partnership with UNB Libraries' Centre for Digital Scholarship from 1996 to 2014. In 2016 (Issue 35), QWERTY moved to an online-only publication format: for current issues, visit
Project Contact: Centre for Digital Scholarship

Rufus Hathaway Collection of Canadian Literature
Web archive date: Nov. 27, 2023
Selected letters of the Rufus Hathaway Collection of Canadian Literature were transcribed and encoded during the Electronic Text Centre's annual summer institutes in the early 2000's, Creating Electronic Texts and Images. The collection offers valuable research material for the study of Canadian literature including books, periodicals, manuscripts and newspaper clippings. Correspondents include: Rufus Hathaway, Bliss Carman, Mitchell Kennerley, Nathan Van Patten, Francis Sherman, Frederic Fairchild Sherman, and Sir Charles G. D. Roberts.
Project Contact: Centre for Digital Scholarship

Sea Stacks
Web archive date: Oct. 12, 2022
Sea Stacks was actively developed between 2009 and 2014 with funding from SHHRC, IBBY Canada, University of New Brunswick, Dalhousie and Acadia University. This authoritative resource features detailed bibliographies, profiles of authors and illustrators, video interviews, and criticism and analysis on Atlantic Canadian books for children and young adults, 1978-2011.
Project Contact: Susan Fisher

Sports Photographs
Web archive date: Feb. 26, 2024

This collection, originally created in 2000, is comprised of about 500 photographs depicting the history of varsity sports, recreation and physical education programs at UNB from 1884-1993. Photographs pre-1900 document "Sports Day", the earliest version of organized sporting activities at UNB, and the beginnings of the UNB 'football' (English style rugby) team which grew to national stature in the 1920s. Official team photographs predominate with numerous images of basketball, hockey, and swim teams. As well, photographs of less prominent sports such as soccer, track and field, boxing and gymnastics are available. Portraits from awards banquets, candid shots of players and games, and views of athletic facilities are included in the collection. Women's, men's and co-ed teams at the varsity, junior varsity and recreational levels are represented.

In 2024, team and composite sports photos from this database were migrated into UNB Class Composite & Group Photographs.

Project Contact: Centre for Digital Scholarship

UNB LIbraries Mobile
Web archive date: August 17, 2018

UNB Libraries released two versions of its mobile website over 3 years. The first version, not captured in this archive, launched in July of 2010.

A second more robust version (represented here), with authentication and customizable features such as a default library, hours and contacts, catalogue searching, tracking for borrowed items and fines and personalized Course Reserves was released in May 2011. The mobile site ran in parallel to main UNB Libraries website.

In the spring of 2013, with responsive websites supplanting the need for a mobile-specific site, the decision was made to decommission

Project Contact: Jeff Carter

Voices, Vessels, and Vellum
Web archive date: November 27, 2023

Voices, Vessels, and Vellum was a joint project between the University of New Brunswick Libraries' Electronic Text Centre and the Saint John Free Public Library during the early 2000's. Students and researchers will find here digital images and text transcriptions of one hundred 18th century documents from the Saint John Free Public Library Primary Source Documents Collection. This Digital Collection was produced under contract to the SchoolNet Digital Collections program, Industry Canada.

Project Contact: Centre for Digital Scholarship

Ward Chipman Slavery Brief
Web archive date: November 27, 2023

The Ward Chipman Brief is a restored, 43 page manuscript with handwriting on both sides of each page. In 1800, Ward Chipman and Samuel Denny Street defended the right of a Slave woman, Nancy, to obtain her freedom. There was no existing legislation in New Brunswick on slavery and Chipman and Street offered their services pro bono in an attempt to establish a precedent. Although the two young Fredericton lawyers were not successful in their bid to free Nancy from her owner, Caleb Jones; their efforts are considered seminal in directing the course of New Brunswick law.

Project Contact: Centre for Digital Scholarship

The Winslow Papers
Web archive date: March 20, 2024

The Winslow Papers, originally launched in 2005, consists of approximately 2500 individual letters of 11,000 pages, dating primarily within the years 1776 to 1826. Organized into 17 volumes, this collection is presently owned and housed by the University of New Brunswick Archives. The Winslow Papers are considered one of the most important compilations of Loyalist documents, and are recognized internationally for their historical value.

Searching: The original search for this site has been replaced with a LUNR search prior to archiving. While this doesn't preserve the site exactly as it originally functioned, it does allow for continued search functionality, not normally available in WARC files for database-driven websites.

Project Contact: Centre for Digital Scholarship