Black Loyalists in New Brunswick, 1783-1854: Petition on behalf of Colin Brymer, 11 September 1821, Prince William

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Petition on behalf of Colin Brymer, 11 September 1821, Prince William

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Petition on behalf of Colin Brymer, 11 September 1821, Prince William, "Black Loyalists in New Brunswick, 1783-1854," Atlantic Canada Virtual Archives, diplomatic rendition, document no. Brymer_Colin_1821_01. RS 108: Index to Land Petitions: Original Series, 1783-1918, , Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, Fredericton, New Brunswick.

{Written across title page}

Colin C: Brimer
Not recommended
Decr 29. 1821
12th .Septr..1821

{Written opposite title}

To excellency Major General George Stracy Smith
Lieutenant Governor and Command in Chief of
the Province of Newbrunswick
The Mamorial of Colin C. Brymer
of Prince William
Humbly Sheweth
that your Memorialest
is a British Subject and a native of this Province
Aged twenty one years a Single man and never had
any Land from the Crown, humbly Prays your Excellency
that he may have two lots of Land Lying in the
Parish of Prince William in the rear of two Glebe lots
numbered 142.144 Containing about two hundred Acres
And Mamorialist begs leave to Sate that he is of Ability
and intends forhwith to Cultivate the Same agreeable to
the Royal Instruction and that he has not either
directly or indirectly made any Bargin or transference of
Said Land to any person or persons whatever, and your
Mamorialest begs leav further, to State that at the age
nineteen years he was left a fatherless Boy to act for
himself and a family of eleven Children a upon Sixty
— 2 —

{Written on inside left hand side}

Acres of land an And he prays that your excellency would
take it into Consideration and grant him the above
mentioned lots as he is fully able to make the Required
improvements with the assistance of three younger Broth
ers that are of the age of 19 . 16 and 14 years, and your
Mamorialis is in Duty Bound will ever pray
Colin C. Brymer

Prince William

September 11\th/ 1821

{Written on below petitioner's signature}

York Co.

Personally appeared before me this
12th. day of September 1821. Colin C. Brymer and made
oath that the contents of this Petition are true —
P. Moses Justice Peace

{Written inside on right hand side}

Situation herein described is
ungranted Land applied for in
1819 by a Black man named Wm
SurGenl September 1821
Note -- Wm. Cornelison asked for No134
which was refused