Black Loyalists in New Brunswick, 1783-1854: 'Four Soldiers', Jean Baptiste Antoine de Verger

'Four Soldiers', Jean Baptiste Antoine de Verger Zoom

Four Soldiers

(watercolor on paper)
Jean Baptiste Antoine de Verger
circa 1781
Courtesy of Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection
Brown University Library.

Jean-Baptiste Antoine de Verger (1762-1851) served in the American Revolutionary War as a sub-lieutenant in the Royal Deux-Ponts regiment, commanded by General Jean-Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau. Because the French allied themselves with the Americans, his regiment fought at Yorktown, the final battle of the war, alongside the Patriots’ Continental Army. During his time in America, he wrote and illustrated a journal of his wartime experiences. This watercolor reflects the varied nature of the Patriot forces. De Verger depicts, from left to right, a black soldier of the 1st Rhode Island Regiment, a New England militiaman, a frontier rifleman, and a French officer.

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