Loyalist Women in New Brunswick, 1783-1827: About the Project

About the Project

Loyalist Women in New Brunswick, 1783-1827 is a digital collection hosted by the Atlantic Canada Virtual Archives. The ACVA is a joint initiative of Margaret Conrad, Canada Research Chair in Atlantic Canada Studies, and the Electronic Text Centre at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton.

The Collection

The original Winslow Family documents imaged on this website are housed in the Archives and Special Collections Department of the University of New Brunswick Libraries, which is a partner in this project.


This project was made possible in part through the Canadian Culture Online Program of Canadian Heritage. Support, both financial and in kind, has been provided by UNB Libraries, the Electronic Text Centre, the Canada Research Chair in Atlantic Canada Studies, and the Vice-President (Research), all based at the University of New Brunswick.

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We welcome your feedback about this collection and others featured in the ACVA. Please contact us with your comments or suggestions.

Behind the Scenes

Interested in digital imaging, document transcription, or markup techniques for archival documents? Read about digitizing archival documents for presentation online.


The ACVA project team met weekly to discuss and to manage the research, editing, imaging, transcription, encoding, and web development tasks of the Loyalist Perspectives projects. In addition to our immediate team, our external advisory committee provided invaluable scholarly contributions to our project.


We wish to acknowledge the assistance of the following institutions: Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, Kings Landing, the New Brunswick Museum, the Yale Center for British Art, and Library and Archives Canada.

Site Policies

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A number of the texts available on this site have complex rights associated with them and for this reason we ask that you contact us for permission of use.

Linking Policy

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