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This is a Maliseet translation of the home page by Karen Perley. Click 'play' to hear the text spoken aloud.

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Kisi maqekomoniya naka mawi-punamoniya wikhikonol lamiw kompiyuhtawok ciw tun eli sissenomutitits ktahkomik ciw skinicinawok tuciw petahposultitit New Brunswick yuktuk nikanikapuwoltihtit Ikolisomanik.

Yohtul kani wikhikonol tokec tuttehtol lamiw Provincial Archives of New Brunswick naka yukt Electronic Text Centre, University of New Brunswick kisi ‘situwikhomniya lamiw kompiyuhtawok ciw Atlantic Canada Virtual Archives. Wolitahatomoniya yut kisluhkotmotit the Canadian Culture Online Program of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Yut kisi mawi punasik toluhkewakonuwa oc witte kehkikemuwakonol wolum psiw wenik kiskehkimsulteniya ciw tan pihce litpiyess ciw ktahkomik.

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