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Ola eoiigasig oesgotasigel tan gôgoeel pooatasigel tan gisi oiigasigel 1786 glapis 1878 eg, ogtjit magamigal ola New Brunswick. Tanig amsgoeseoeeg elnoog negmôo ogtmagamigemoal ogtjit oesgootasig. Tan gôgei gisi oiigasigep ogtjit New Brunswick ag giotôôgôo tan saogeoei amsgoeseoeieg. Elnoog oeltesgoatiteg petjitaliteg ola eimootiigo, na 90 teesigel oesgootasigel ola gisi oiigasigel etegel RS108 Provincial Archives New Brunswick etegel. Geloolgel melgi gelosoagann eoiigasigel ogtjit maoi amgoeseoeeg aglasieog oeltegatoltiititeg ag elnoog ola New Brunswick 1784. Ola gisi oiigasigel etegel ogtjit archive igtog ogteten ag gisi angatasitteo. The Atlantic Canada Virtual Archives apôgnematg Canadian culture online ag Provincial Archives of New Brunswick gisiteetasig ola gisi maoaatsig tan ogtji ginamasoltiten ag gis oiigasiteo tan pogelteo mee tan ogtji nenteo ola eimootiigo New Brunswick tan tetotji milesig Elno tan oetapegsitj.

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