Conference: Cobequid Planters 250th Anniversary

The Cobequid Planters 250 conference will be held at the Marigold Cultural Centre 605 Prince St., Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada, on Saturday, June 11, 2011.

The conference will feature local, national, and international speakers:

  • Carol Campbell, local historian and author: Women of Cobequid ~ “A Wheel, a Reel, Two Pots and a Pan.”
  • Jim Smith, local historian and author: "John Fulton’s Garters ~ The American Revolution Around Cobequid Bay."
  • Amani Whitfield, Associate University of Vermont History Professor and
    author, “Slavery in English Nova Scotia before 1783,” exploring the work and
    lives of slaves and masters before the Loyalist influx. Attention will
    be given to the Simeon Perkins Diary. With generous
    support from the Office of African Nova Scotian Affairs.
  • Kerr Canning, author: "The Planters Influence – Dykeland Agriculture around the Cobequid Bay."
  • Jenny and Jayar Milligan of Bear River, N.S.: A Special Presentation on 18th Century Clothing and Lifestyle.
  • David Greenberg and Chris Norman: a presentation by musicologists specializing in 18th Century music.

The conference organizers gratefully acknowledge generous support from the Charles and Mary MacLennan Foundation.

Register at the Marigold Cultural Centre by phone at 902-897-4004 or online at (service charges apply).

A Cobequid Planters 250 Society Event. Special thanks to:

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